Laken Futura Thermo 750 ml

Product code: 8412544028419
Price: 660,000 Đ
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- Insulates hot beverages up to 12 hours
- Insulates iced drinks up to 24 hours (ice cubes recommended for better performance)m
- Made of 18/8 food grade stainless steel, no liner needed
- No Bisphinol A, phthalates, lead or other harmful substances
- 100% stainless interior
- Reusable and recyclable
- Exterior of nontoxic food grade powder coating
- High performance vacuum insulation
- No sweat – this bottle will not sweat because it is insulated and will not have condensation build-up on the outside
- Whether you've got chilled or hot liquids inside your bottle, the internal temperature will not affect the temperature of the container in your hand
- Doesn't retain or impart flavors
- Tight closure (even for carbonate drinks)
- Capacity – 12 oz (350ml)
- Futura Thermo cap – narrow neck
Steel, Green
25.6 cm x 7.8 cm
314 gr